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The mission of Ark of Dreams Foundation is to award scholarships and honor those we've lost. We're quite proud to share that we've secured a sizable donation to issue the first scholarships.

Students can apply here:

The deadline is July 1, 2023.
Students will be notified no later than September 1, 2023. 



Q.  Why do you collect so much contact information in the application? 

A.   We promise we won't spam you or share your information with third parties. We ask for the information so we can keep you informed of your application status, let you know about events and programs that Ark of Dreams Foundation is hosting, and to acknowledge the people who have supported you and brought us to your attention. 

Q.  Can I really write anything I want or send you a video or pictures? 

A.   Yes! Just as loss impacts everyone differently and there is not one way to measure it, there's not just one way to describe it. Our goal is to honor your loss, not to add more stress to your life. So, submit whatever feels right for you. 

Q.  How many scholarships will you be awarding? 

A.  This is a young scholarship program, so it's difficult to predict how many applications we will receive. Our hope is to honor every applicant. To that end, if you know people with whom the Ark of Dreams Foundation mission would resonate, please encourage them to contribute here.

Q.  When should I apply? 

A.   Students may apply at any time during their senior year of high school through the first academic year following their high school graduation. For example, students who graduated high school in 2022 may apply by the scholarship deadline of July 1, 2023. Students graduating high school in 2023, may apply for this scholarship through July 1, 2024. However, students should only apply once and will only be awarded one scholarship. If you're a 2023 graduate and your plans are definite, you should apply by the 2023 deadline. If your plans are more fluid, feel free to aim for the 2024 deadline. 

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